Research Topics

π„ž Eye-Writing

Imagine you have laser comes out from your eyes, to write letters. Eye-writing is virtually writing letters by moving the eyes. It is expected to be one of the future communication tools for ALS patients.
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π„ž EEG signal processing

EEG signal is recordings from the human brain. This signal is not much known yet, but we do understand parts of it. We’re trying to find specific patterns from EEG signals, which are the possible signs of diseases. Our subtopics are as follows:

  • Automatic detection of artifacts from EEGs
  • Automatic detection of epilepsy-related patterns

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π„ž The similarity between two-time series signals

Calculating the similarity of two time-series signal is not an easy issue. A naive way is directly comparing pointwise after sampling, but it often is not a good idea because it results in completely different results to human perception. Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) is a traditional method to solve this issue, but it does not well fit in 2D environments. We proposed a novel algorithm for this issue, named Dynamic Positional Warping.
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